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Our Quality

Experienced and reliable wine construction and design experts throughout the United States.
At Deluxe Custom Cellars, we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our work. From the initial stages of a project to its completion, we prioritize understanding our clients’ requirements and maintaining open lines of communication throughout the process. Our dedicated team ensures that realistic expectations are set and that clients are kept informed of the progress at every stage.
Specializing in crafting distinctive wine rooms, we create spaces that leave a lasting impression. Our focus is on designing wine cellars that not only provide functional storage but also captivate with their exquisite aesthetics. We believe that your wine collection deserves a showcase that commands attention.
We recognize that a wine room is more than just a place to store bottles; it is a reflection of your style and passion for wine. With meticulous attention to detail, we approach each project, ensuring that every element is carefully considered and crafted to perfection. Trust us to bring your vision to life and create a wine cellar that truly stands out.

Establish the perfect wine storage environment with our refrigeration systems

Deluxe Custom Cellars

When it comes to preserving your valuable wines, having the right wine cellar refrigeration system is essential. At Deluxe Custom Cellars, we offer top-of-the-line refrigeration systems designed to create and maintain stable conditions for optimal wine storage.
Our wine cellar refrigeration systems are meticulously crafted and utilize advanced technology to precisely control temperature, humidity, and ventilation. This ensures that your wine collection is safeguarded, maintaining its quality and longevity over time.
Trust in our high-grade refrigeration systems to provide the ideal environment for your cherished wines. With our commitment to quality and expertise, you can be confident that your wines will be stored in the perfect conditions.
Experience the difference our refrigeration systems make in enhancing the storage of your valuable wine collection.

Does Your Wine Cellar Require Refrigeration?

Does Your Wine Cellar Require Refrigeration?

Considering a refrigeration system for your wine cellar is crucial for preserving and aging wine, despite cost considerations. While basements may naturally maintain cool temperatures, they can’t ensure the precise control necessary for fine wines, which can gain significant value over time. Temperature regulation and humidity control, both provided by a refrigeration system, are essential to prevent damage to the wine and to simulate the stable conditions of underground caves. Our wine cellar rooms replicate these conditions, minimizing exposure to sunlight and external vibrations. An optimal wine cellar cooling system automates temperature and humidity control, ensuring your wine collection ages gracefully in an ideal environment.

The optimal temperature and humidity for storing wine

The ideal wine storage conditions are 57 degrees Fahrenheit and 55% humidity, with minimal fluctuations. Climate control, including a well-designed refrigeration unit, is crucial to avoid issues like excessive energy consumption, mold growth, and system failure. Poor planning or cost-cutting can lead to subpar wine cellar design and potential damage to valuable wine collections. A comprehensive climate control system includes not only refrigeration and humidity control units, but also insulation, vapor barriers, and proper sealing of doors and lighting choices. Attention to all these factors ensures optimal wine storage conditions.

Refrigeration Systems

Deluxe Custom Cellar offers quality wine racks for optimal wine display and safety. We specialize in custom wine storage systems, catering to unique needs for both residential and commercial use. Our range includes durable wooden racks for timeless elegance and sleek metal racks for a modern aesthetic. We consider factors like bottle capacity, space utilization, and aesthetics to help you choose the perfect wine rack. Whether you have a small or large collection, trust our team’s craftsmanship and attention to detail to enhance your space and elevate your wine storage experience

Offering A Tasteful Design

Racks For Commercial And Residential Wine Cellars

Quarter Round

Maximize corner space with 
curved racks that fit perfectly

Individual Wine Racks

Efficiently stack multiple bottles
vertically with sleek and compact column racks

Column Wine Racks I

Showcase prized bottles alongside column storage for
an impressive display.

Column Wine Racks II

With a Display Row, Showcase prized bottles
alongside column storage for an impressive display.

Diamond Bins

Versatile diamond-shaped compartments
provide visually appealing storage solutions

Rectangular Bins

Simplify storage and access with straightforward
rectangular bins.

Solid Lattice

Securely store your wine collection with
sophisticated solid lattice racks

Lattice Bin and Case

Combine lattice dividers and open bins to
accommodate both bottles and cases.

Arch with a Tabletop

Add a stylish element with arch-designed racks
featuring a flat tabletop.

Glass Wine Rack

Display your bottles in stunning fashion with
glass racks offering a clear view.

Horizontal Display Rack

Add a stylish element with arch-designed racks
featuring a flat tabletop.

Waterfall Wine Rack

Create a visually captivating display with
cascading waterfall racks.

Inadequate Construction:

Failing Refrigeration Systems

Mold Growth:

By employing proper construction techniques and materials, Deluxe Custom Cellars minimizes the risk of mold growth in wine cellars. They create a healthy environment for storing wine by addressing potential areas of moisture buildup and implementing preventive measures.

By addressing these challenges, Deluxe Custom Cellars provides high-quality construction, mold prevention measures, and appropriate refrigeration system selection. Their expertise and attention to detail help create wine cellars that are built to last, protecting wine collections and providing an optimal storage environment.

“I wanted a wine that would celebrate life, yesterday and today, exalting its uniqueness, its extraordinary capacity to elicit emotion. A champagnewith expressive, dynamic aromas, as agile and sinuous as an S-curve, with a fresh, vertical, powerful and energetic character,”

artisanal craftsmanship


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